Behaviour management


Quality learning occurs in Yeppoon's supportive, disciplined environment

Social and academic learning outcomes are maximised for all through quality practices in the areas of curriculum, interpersonal relationships and school organisation. All members of the school community should feel safe and are valued.

Behaviour expectations are clearly outlined and logical consequences enacted for infringements.

School practices involves a planned continuum from positive to preventative actions for all students to responsive actions for specific individuals and groups.

Non-violent, non-coercive and non-discriminatory language and practices are defined, modelled and reinforced by all members of the school community.

Suspension and exclusion procedures are considered only when all other approaches have been exhausted or rejected.

For full details please see the Code of School Behaviour (PDF, 240KB).

Responsible behaviour plan for students 

Yeppoon State School is committed to providing a supportive school environment which maximises the educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. The responsible behaviour plan for students (PDF, 356KB) is designed to assist in the development and maintenance of a supportive environment for all students in which they feel safe and valued.

Bullying policy

Yeppoon State School does not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of the school community are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all. Download the bullying policy (PDF, 131KB).

Bucket filler program

In 2013 our school introduced a new character development program throughout the school called 'bucket filling'. Bucket filling is an easy-to-understand concept: everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds our good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, we feel happy and when our buckets are empty, we feel sad. Children quickly understand that they can fill buckets when they do and say things that are kind, considerate and respectful. They also learn that when they are mean, inconsiderate, uncaring, or disrespectful, they dip into buckets and remove those good feelings. Even the youngest child understands that actions and words can either fill a bucket or dip into it.

The goal of the program is to teach children to:

  • Decrease the incidence of bullying.

  • Take responsibility for their actions.

  • Help to create a safe, warm, and caring environment.

  • Increase their ability to self manage.

  • Align with our school-wide positive behaviour support system. 

Each week students from the younger, middle and upper school who have been demonstrating great bucket filling, receive 'bucket filler awards' on school assembly.  

We are excited about this program and encourage support from our school community. 

Please be a bucket filler today!

Last reviewed 14 November 2019
Last updated 14 November 2019