Clubs and societies


Maths club

Conducted throughout terms 2 and 3, Maths club provides opportunity for interested students to extend their capabilities in a number of mathematical areas through co-operative learning and participation in maths–based problem solving tasks.

Membership of the club costs approximately $12 per member. It entitles students to enter the Australasian problem solving mathematical Olympiads which run over five months. The Olympiads are a national and international competition that requires students once a month to solve five challenging mathematical problems under test conditions. To prepare for each new Olympiad students learn as a group in a non-threatening, entertaining environment.

Results are recorded electronically, and at the end of the competition the yss team total is correlated. Individual students from Yeppoon States School have achieved many awards for their efforts in past competitions. Our most recent achievements have included a YSS student gaining a perfect score medallion and several other students achieving in the top 10% and top 25%.

Landcare and Waste Warriors

Junior Landcare is an environmental and gardening program which is available for Yeppoon State School students to assist in caring for our school's gardens and enhancing the school grounds.

Yeppoon State School is the birthplace of Junior Landcare, with Mr Alby Wooler, the Capricorn Coast Junior Landcare co-ordinator commencing Junior Landcare at the school in 1996.  Mr Wooler has been a weekly visitor to our school ever since. Please view Alby Wooler Mr Landcare to find out more information on Junior Landcare and Mr Wooler. 

Junior Landcare is overseen by our groundsman, a senior landcarer and volunteer teachers.

When: Tuesdays, 1st break at 11.15 am.

Where: meet at the gazebo at the end of I Block.

Who: students from prep to year 7 who are interested in looking after our school grounds and environment.

What we do: tree planting, upkeep of gardens, water, mulch and weed. We participate in Weedbuster week, clean up Australia Day and Reef Guardian exercises.

In the past years the Landcare group have planned and developed the learnscape path, the environmental trail, planted new gardens and began the bush tucker garden. We have had a worm farm, developed a composter and crushed cans.

Junior Landcare appreciates gardening donations of plant cuttings, seedlings, plant trays, pots and gardening tools and trowels.

Japanese club

Japanese club is an extension of LOTE (Language other than English) and is available to year 6 and 7 students who display an enthusiasm and keen interest within their ICIS class.

This class is held in school time on Friday mornings at 10.00 am to 11.00 am. The class focuses on the study of Japanese language, culture and customs.

Last reviewed 14 November 2019
Last updated 14 November 2019