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A tuckshop operates at the school Tuesday through to Friday for first recess, and every endeavour is made to provide wholesome food at a reasonable cost.

The Queensland government 'smart choices strategy' has been fully implemented into our school tuckshop practices. Further information regarding the smart choices strategy can be accessed from the Smart Choices page on the Education website. The majority of our tuckshop menu falls into the 'green' and 'amber' smart choices categories. 

Our tuckshop convenor provides very competent leadership but relies on a band of willing volunteers to assist. Your help would be very much appreciated. If you would like to assist in the tuckshop please complete the tuckshop volunteer form (PDF, 178 KB) and return to the tuckshop. 

The tuckshop also houses the uniform and bookstore which caters and provides for all student stationery and booklist items and a complete range of school uniform products. A price list (PDF, 603 KB) for all goods sold at the tuckshop and uniform/bookstore is issued early in the school year or a copy can be obtained from the tuckshop.  

Completed written lunch orders and respective money, need to be 'posted' at the tuckshop chute upon arrival at school.

All lunch orders need to be written on paper bags at home. A small number of paper bags will be on hand in the classroom for students who have forgotten their orders. No orders will be written out at the tuckshop. Ice creams orders are to be completed on a separate lunch bag or 'ice cream bag' with name and class. Ice cream orders will be collected by the class from the school office at second break.

Monetary change for lunch orders will be stapled to the lunch order. Correct money is preferable.  

Pre-ordering before school is expected and all orders should be in before 9.00 am.

Please view additional tuckshop, uniform and bookshop notes (PDF, 81 KB) or view our full tuckshop price list (PDF, 603 KB).

Please find below the weekday specials. Please note that a variety of healthy everyday items are available by viewing the complete tuckshop menu.

Smart choices tuckshop weekday specials

(must be ordered)


Quiche Slice homemade - $2.50

Lasagne homemade - $3.70


Chicken Gravy Roll - $4.00

Fried Rice homemade - $3.00


Beef Burger patty, salad & BBQ sauce - $4.50

Chicken burger patty, salad & mayo - $4.50


Chicken Tender Wrap w/ lettuce & mayo - $3.50

Fish Tender Wrap w/lettuce & mayo - $3.50